24 French Scientific Societies Mobilize to Protect Patients

Background In 2018, French scientific societies and the French National Academy of Medicine refused to endorse flawed recommendations about Lyme disease released by The National Authority for Health, a French government agency that was influenced by promoters of chronic Lyme … Continued

Scientists blast unscientific & dangerous EU Lyme resolution, call for addressing misinformation

Background “Chronic Lyme disease” is a pseudoscientific health scam that evolved into a destructive yet influential cult. CLD started in the United States in the late 1980s and grew to ~120 Lyme “support” groups throughout North America by 1992. Propelled … Continued

Legislative Guide- Archive 2018

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Click here for 2019 legislative sessions 2018 Legislative Sessions- In plain English (updated 2018-06-12) Connecticut SB00200– Requires health care providers to administer Lyme blood tests for nonspecific pain. Our recommendation: Vote No. This will lead to unnecessary testing. Status: Failed … Continued