LymeScience is an independent, volunteer-run patient advocacy and science education web site with a mission of sharing reliable and helpful resources about Lyme disease.

There is a great deal of false and misleading information shared online and in the media about Lyme disease. There is also an established industry of private businesses and unorthodox practitioners who profit from uncertainty and fear.

False Lyme disease diagnoses are common and are frequently accompanied by fake “coinfections“, like chronic Bartonella, chronic Babesia, and “toxic mold illness”.

When children receive inappropriate diagnoses and treatments, they become victims of Medical Child Abuse. Such abuse is rampant in chronic Lyme groups.

Children may suffer side effects from unnecessary drugs and lose their childhoods while undergoing treatment.

Results of 1261 patients who visited Johns Hopkins for presumptive Lyme disease from 2000 to 2013: 72% had no Lyme disease, but 84% of the patients with no Lyme disease received unnecessary antibiotics

Despite a global scientific consensus about Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment, the science of Lyme disease is not easy to understand due to jargon, paywalls, and a fog of misinformation.

Therefore, we are attempting to present useful information in an accessible manner. Additionally, we share stories from doctors and patients, particularly on issues related to patient deception and mistreatment.