Fairy dust cleanse: How to create a health scam

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A bright spot on social media is Mallory Demille, who exposes the deep underbelly of online wellness and MLM grift (e.g. Healy).

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The clip below illustrates how to fabricate a fake diagnosis in order to sell a fake solution:

Demille also guest-hosted podcasts on parasite cleanse pseudoscience and Light Language TikTok.

This is roughly what happens with quacks who market themselves as naturopathic, integrative, functional, and alternative:

  1. Take a real problem that impacts a small number of people, or simply make up a problem.
  2. Claim that you are an expert and it is causing many people’s problems.
  3. Make big money from fake testing and fake treatments.
  4. Feed your ego on grateful patients.
  5. Cry conspiracy if anyone questions you.

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