Doctor and scientist commentaries on “Chronic Lyme”

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Experts agree that chronic Lyme diagnosis and treatment is inappropriate. While there is substantial peer reviewed literature regarding the social phenomenon of chronic Lyme disease, there has been sadly little commentary accessible to the public.

Below are educational articles by doctors and scientists, presented for a lay audience. More commentaries are listed in our papers section.

Dr. Rachel Pearson, MD: The Challenge of ‘Chronic Lyme’

Dr. Edward McSweegan, PhD:

Dr. Peter Lipson, MD: 

Dr. Harriet Hall, MD: Does Everybody Have Chronic Lyme Disease? Does Anyone?

Dr. Vincent Iannelli, MD: What is a Lyme-Literate doctor?

Dr. Karen Ravin, MD: Debunking myths surrounding Lyme disease

Dr. David Scales, MD: 

Dr. Stephen Salzberg, PhD: Long-Term Antibiotic Use For Lyme Disease Doesn’t Work, Study Finds

Dr. Steven Novella, MD:

Dr. Mark Crislip, MD: 

Dr. Phil Baker, PhD: Many commentaries as executive director of the American Lyme Disease Foundation

Dr. David Gorski, MD:

Dr. John Snyder, MD: Lemons and Lyme: Bogus tests and dangerous treatments of the Lyme-literati

Dr. Brad McKay, MBBS: Does Lyme disease exist in Australia? 

Dr. Daniel Summers, MD:

Dr. Mark Drapkin, MD: Lawmakers overreach in casting themselves as infectious­ disease specialists

Dr. Usha Nellore, MD: Lyme disease: Not the epidemic that MPT film claims

Dr. Robert Strang, MD: Nova Scotia’s health system has a handle on Lyme

Dr. Mark Hoofnagle, MD:

Dr. Jeremy Devine, MD: Bill C-442 and “Chronic Lyme Disease”: the parallels with “chronic brucellosis”

Skeptical Raptor:

Dr. Paul Auwaerter, MD: Videos on Lyme disease (see third video)

Dr. Karmela K. Chan, MD: Commentary: a disturbing conversation

Dr. David Robert Grimes, PhD: Fundraising appeals for the desperately ill are moving, but evidence is crucial

Dr. Henrik Vogt (in Norwegian):

Dr. Mats Reimer (Swedish): Kronisk borrelia smittas via media (Chronic Lyme disease infects via the media)

Dr. Marc Gozlan (French): « Maladie de Lyme chronique » : le danger des traitements prolongés par antibiotiques (“Chronic Lyme Disease”: The Danger of Prolonged Antibiotic Therapy)

Dr. David Patrick, MD TV interview: Explaining the mysteries of Lyme disease



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