How March for Science was tricked by chronic Lyme advocates


The following statement is from Dr. Jonathan Berman, PhD. He is one of the scientists who created the March for Science.

When the March for Science was rapidly adding partners in 2017, a member of the staff (here unnamed) was misled into adding what they thought was a patient advocacy group as a partner.

It was an organization that promoted the idea of “chronic Lyme disease,” which isn’t a recognized condition. Without adequate medical training, it can be hard to distinguish between real patient advocacy groups and those that promote pseudoscience.

Ambiguous terminology also confuses the issue. Real Lyme infections might result in symptoms after treatment, but the microorganism that causes Lyme itself doesn’t stick around once treated.

Fortunately it was brought quickly to my attention by Miles Greb, the founder of the Seattle March for Science, and we were able to sever ties with the organization.

To me it’s a great example of how, like science, science activism can be self correcting.

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