ILADS James Neuenschwander: Disciplined for Negligence or Failure to exercise due care

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James Neuenschwander, MD is a doctor with many strange beliefs who was disciplined for negligence or failure to exercise due care with respect to his treatment of a woman with breast cancer.

Complaint and discipline

According to the Michigan Board of Medicine’s complaint against Neuenschwander, he prescribed hormone replacement therapy to the woman even when it was contraindicated. There was also evidence suggesting that Neuenschwander encouraged the woman to discontinue Tamoxifen therapy for her breast cancer.

The woman’s oncologist strongly disagreed with both the prescription of hormones and the discontinuation of Tamoxifen. The Board of Medicine fined Neuenschwander $2,500, but allowed him to continue practicing medicine.

Shady business

James Neuenschwander runs a for-profit company called the Bio Energy Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife Patricia Neuenschwander, a nurse practitioner. The Bio Energy Medical Center advertises disproven and unproven treatments, like homeopathy, pricey intravenous treatments, and much-criticized CEASE therapy.

Anti-vaccine activism

James and Patricia Neuenschwander are anti-vaxxers. Dr. Neuenschwander was featured at an anti-vaccine symposium, on the notorious Vaxxed bus, and on a Del Bigtree anti-vaccine propaganda video. James and Patricia Neuenschwander have also traveled to speak at the CDC to fear-monger about vaccines.

Other red flags

James Neuenschwander claims to be board certified in “integrative medicine”. Integrative medicine is a marketing term frequently used by quacks.

James Neuenschwander boasts membership in a number of pseudoscience organizations, including A4M, ACAM, DAN, MAPS and ILADS.


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