Yolanda Hadid- treatment list

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Yolanda Hadid is a reality show star who has been one of the most visible promoters of the fake chronic Lyme diagnosis. Her story has been critically examined in The Daily BeastJezebel, and the blog Real Skeptics of TV.

More details on Yolanda Hadid and her many dubious diagnoses can be found on our coinfections page.

Hadid created a large display of treatments she said she tried. This display is transcribed in the table below. She divided the treatments between “conventional” and “alternative”. However, if a drug is FDA-approved but used in an inappropriate manner, that still can be considered quackery.

According to US Weekly, ex-husband David Foster “shelled out nearly $5 million on Yolanda’s treatments.”


Conventional Alternative
Medicine Done
Daptomycin Mepron Chinese Herbs IV Phospholipids Lufanuron
Albendazole Vancomycin Zithromax Bio-Quinone IV Glutatione IV Vitamin C
Rocephin Nystatin Wellbutrin Lactorn Artesunate GcMAF
Bicillin Injections Diflucan Plaquenil Nature- Thyroid Colloidal Biolog
Flagyl Rifampin EDTA Solidago MSM Injections
Azithromycin Belsomra Tetralysal Absinthium Pau D’arco
Alinia Macrobid Adderall Avena Sativa Oxy-Mag
Quetiapine Tindamax Hydrocortisone Luttlox SAM-e Natto-kinsase
Nozepam DMPS Hydrocodone Paragone Citricidal Chinese Herbs
Xanax Minocycline Ativan Procaine
Albenza Ritalin Hydroxychloroquine Clarkia Methylene Blue
Quinolone Lunesta Codeine Nimbicidin Metalsweep
Clindamycin Deplin-Algal Naltrexone Orthosilic Acid Essential Pro
Savella Ambien Spironolactone Bio Plasma Probiotics
Singulair Rilutek Ketek Taraxacum ABM Mushroom
Nuvigil Atovaquone Alprazolam East Star Alkala
Valtrex Fluconazole Naproxeno Haelan 951 Mycocyde
odiol Seraquel Zofran Neo 40
Metrium (sp?) Redoxon Diclofenac Fulvic Acid Zeolite


There are many other treatments Hadid tried that are not listed above, for example detox foot baths.

Hadid has also used unproven or disproven diagnostic techniques. One silly technique she’s used is called “muscle testing” (aka applied kinesiology, Autonomic Response Testing, or ART), which is based on magical beliefs that have no basis in reality.

Chronic Lyme celebrity Yolanda Hadid and her detox foot bath