Ritchie Shoemaker- Disciplined

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FDA charges

In 2004, FDA charged Ritchie Shoemaker, MD with seven violations and ordered him to stop injecting patients with a veterinary drug not licensed for human use.

FDA accused Shoemaker of administering and instructing 78 patients to self-administer the veterinary drug Staphage Lysate, which was not approved for human use. FDA also said Shoemaker did not have a written protocol during the time of the study, did not get the written informed consent from seven subjects, failed to obtain IRB approval of the study, and failed to maintain records.

Medical board charges

On March 3, 2013, Maryland Board of Physicians found that Shoemaker “failed to meet the standard of care.” Shoemaker opted to stop practicing medicine. Accordingly, the Board ordered that, “should the physician resume the practice of medicine, the physician will be placed on Probation for a minimum of two years with terms and conditions.”

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