ILADS Paul Lynn: Disciplined

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Paul Lynn, MD is Medical Director of San Francisco Preventative Medical Group and a member of the pseudoscience group ILADS. He also describes himself as a “Lyme literate medical doctor” (LLMD), which is a marketing term typically used by quacks.

In 2010, the Healthcare Protection Agency of UK issued a lengthy report that contained scathing conclusions about guidelines issued by ILADS:

  • The ILADS guidelines are not evidence-based and are poorly constructed.
  • Application of the ILADS guidelines’ poorly defined case definitions will result in a very high risk of misdiagnosis.
  • Use of ILADS guidelines’ vague treatment recommendations, including prolonged use of antibiotics, has potentially serious consequences.
  • Patients misdiagnosed with Lyme disease risk losing opportunities for diagnosis and treatment of other conditions. They also risk serious physical, psychological social and financial adverse events.

Additionally, Lynn was on the Board of Directors of the pseudoscience group American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).

Lynn was disciplined in 1994 after an accusation by the Medical Board of California described bizarre treatment of a patient K.T. by him (“Respondent”) and his physician assistant. According to the disciplinary action:

Respondent admits that he did not obtain formal written informed consent from patient K.T. before respondent’s physician assistant performed an analysis on the patient with the Interro Hololinguistic Processor, an investigational medical device.

As a result of the disciplinary action, Lynn was required to pay a $5,000 fine and to pass a competency exam.

In 1999, the Medical Board of California issued a Public Letter of Reprimand, also because of the use by his physician assistant of the “lnterro Hololinguistic Processor.”


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