Nijole Lloyd: Agreed to stop practising medicine

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Nijole Lloyd is a general practitioner in Belair, South Australia, formerly of the shady clinic Integrative Health Solutions.

“Integrative health” is a marketing term often used by quacks.  Lloyd’s new patient packet is foreboding in admitting:

Some of the diagnostic tests, treatments and products administered by my doctor at Integrative Health Solutions, may be outside the parameters of conventional medicine in Australia.

Lloyd opted to stop practising as a medical practitioner. One wonders what happened to cause this action.

In 2017, a look at Lloyd’s Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) profile showed that she was subject to certain conditions, including being restricted from prescribing thyroid hormone therapy of any type, including Natural Thyroid Extract.

A doubtful Lyme diagnosis

There is no Lyme disease in Australia, and “Chronic Lyme disease” is not a real diagnosis. According to a credulous ABC News story, Nijole Lloyd nevertheless diagnosed Lyme disease in a young woman named Lucy Alexander, who had never left Australia. Lloyd relied on test results from IgeneX, an American lab with a bad reputation.

Alexander’s story is typical of those sucked down the dangerous and wallet-emptying rabbit hole of “Chronic Lyme”. Alexander spent thousands of dollars on questionable treatments, including 50 different prescriptions.


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