ILADS Sabra Bellovin: Fired by her employer

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Dr. Sabra Marie Bellovin, MD is a Virginia doctor and former board member of the pseudoscience group ILADS.

According to the Virginia Board of Medicine web site, JenCare terminated Bellovin’s employment near the end of 2015 “for difference in practice philosophy.”

Bellovin has also worked at Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia, which is the for-profit clinic operated by former ILADS president Dr. Samuel Shor.

Bellovin is a coauthor of so-called guidelines issued by ILADS in 2004. In 2010, the Healthcare Protection Agency of UK issued a lengthy report that contained scathing conclusions about these guidelines:

  • The ILADS guidelines are not evidence-based and are poorly constructed.
  • Application of the ILADS guidelines’ poorly defined case definitions will result in a very high risk of misdiagnosis.
  • Use of ILADS guidelines’ vague treatment recommendations, including prolonged use of antibiotics, has potentially serious consequences.
  • Patients misdiagnosed with Lyme disease risk losing opportunities for diagnosis and treatment of other conditions. They also risk serious physical, psychological social and financial adverse events.