ILADS Doctor Forged Another Doctor’s Signature

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Marilyn Jean Boehm, MD is a retired doctor in North Carolina. On her Medical Board profile, she listed memberships in the pseudoscience groups ILADS and California Lyme Disease Association, which is now called She also was listed as “faculty” at an ILADS conference.

In 1987, Boehm was disciplined in a Consent Order by the State Medical Board of Ohio for violating four sections of the Ohio Revised Code, due to:

  • misrepresentation, or deception in applying for or securing any license or certificate issued by the Board;
  • the practice of medicine or surgery without a certificate from the State Medical Board; and
  • demonstrating that she lacked good moral character.

According to the Consent Order:

DOCTOR BOEHM ADMITS that in or around October, 1985, as a requirement of her medical license application process, she submitted Certificates of Recommendation actually signed by Drs. Craig w. Anderson and Rodney K. Kusumi, which included a photslip with attached photo signed by Dr. Anderson. Subsequently, on or about November 12, 1985, Dr. Kusumi signed a photoslip for Dr. Boehm which was rejected by the State Medical board because no photo was attached. On November 29, 1985, Dr. Boehm submitted to the State Medical Board a photo of herself with the attached photoslip with what was purported to be the signature of Dr. Kusumi. In fact, Dr. Boehm had signed Dr. Kusumi’s signature on the November 29, 1985 photo slip.

DOCTOR BOEHM ADMITS that while she was a resident in the Grant Hospital Family Practice Residency Program; and as part of her duties and responsibilites in that program, she was assigned to see patients at the Grant Hospital Southwestern Ohio Family Practice Center. While at that Center, and while under the mistaken belief that she had a temporary license for the practice of medicine (which license she believed had been obtained for her by Grant Hospital), Dr. Boehm saw and treated patients. In fact, Dr. Boehm did not then have a temporary license to engage in the practice of medicine or surgery in the State of Ohio.

As a result of her violations, Boehm’s application to practice medicine in Ohio was denied and she received a reprimand.


State Medical Board of Ohio: Marilyn Jean Boehm Discipline