This chronic Lyme doctor spreads 9/11 conspiracy theories

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Dr. Eric Beeth—a Swedish general practitioner with a practice in Brussels, Belgium—is quite the conspiracy theorist. He was a charter member of the now-defunct “Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth” and is disappointed that the Media will not spread his messages:

[T]he media has been very effective in imprinting the almost successful ‘psy-war-operation’ in our collective mind.  Despite MASSIVE scientific evidence of foul play, the big media is still trying to push down the ‘Ministry of Truth’ narrative with all their might.

In 2009, Beeth set up a window display with neon lights and 9/11 truth videos playing. He called it the “9/11 Truth Garage Sale.” Beeth and his associates were arrested on September 11, 2010 for chalking the sidewalk with their conspiracy theories.

Below are examples of the graffiti. Dr. Beeth seems to be the individual in the first two photos.

Beeth has also campaigned against vaccines, and one his rants his featured on the infamous conspiracy theorist site

Given that he’s known to treat Lyme patients, the EU-based chronic Lyme organization Time for Lyme-BE-NL was very excited to have Beeth speaking at their event.